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The 1817 Gourley report mentions 3 schoolhouses in Trafalgar Twp. at that time, since Palermo was one of the first communities established we believe there was a schoolhouse in Palermo at that time although it may not have been in the present day location but across the road near the Palermo cemetery.

The first schoolhouse mentioned in newspaper reports was built in 1844. A new schoolhouse was built in 1875 and was a two room schoolhouse with a center hall and a bell tower. It was destroyed by a storm in the early 1940s. The current schoolhouse was built in 1942. The cornerstone from the 1875 schoolhouse was bricked into the back of the 1942 building. The schoolhouse was used by the school board until the early sixties when a larger school (also named Palermo) was built on old Bronte Rd., south of Dundas on the east side. (Currently used as a church). The school house has been home to the Police Department, the Town of Oakville Planning Department and was used for about 30 years by the Oakville Players Theater group.

The school house is owned by the Town of Oakville and home to the Trafalgar Township Historical Society. Restoring the one-room schoolhouse in Palermo has been a main focus of the Historical Society and the first floor restoration was completed in 2011. Also in 2011 the 100 year old Palermo flag pole that used to stand outside the Palermo Hall that was on Old Bronte south of Dundas on the west side was returned to Palermo. (It had been moved to Halton regional Museum when the road was widened) We are now actively seeking corporate donors to help finish the basement of our one-room schoolhouse.

We have had donations to furnish the schoolhouse with a teacher's desk, children's desks, school books, quills, globe, maps etc. We are still in need of a few more desks, a flag, and a picture of the king and queen.

The schoolhouse has become an active building again with cubs and scouts weekly meetings, plays, board meetings, open house archives days, guest speakers, workshops and a fall fair. The schoolhouse is available for rental to community groups for $20 an hour.

Contact at 905-617-0068 for more information

Also....check out this promotional video done by the Burl-Oak Theatre Group at the schoolhouse.

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