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Fall 2007 Newsletter

This is a quick report to let you know of our recent happenings.
Due to our busy month with the fair and presentations to council we were only able to provide a short update this quarter - check back for a full update in December.

We had another successful Heritage Day Fair with many groups participating; Thank you to Halton Regional Museum, Mississauga Heritage Foundation, Oakville Historical Society, Britannia Schoolhouse, Halton Peel Genealogical Society, Bronte Historical Society, Oakville Historical Society, Hand weavers & Spinners, the Waldie Blacksmiths and thanks to Lance Pocock who brought a pig! Thanks to the committee of Liz, Cheryl, Bobbie & Jane and to the many helpers on the day of the event!

The Oakville Heritage meeting went much better than expected thanks to the following who helped with research, wrote letters of support and/or came out to the meeting June, Dick, Jane, Liz, Ross, Gord, William, Ann, Evelyn, Matthew, Hank & Jeff. Also must thank the Oakville Heritage Committee for its unanimous support of our position!
We had 8 supporters come out to the meeting and I think this really impressed the committee. The Oakville Heritage Committee has recommended to Council that all 3 North Oakville buildings proceed to designation.
3369 Sixth Line
3017 Bronte Rd
3015 Dundas Street

We need support at Town Council on October 9 at 7:30 at Oakville Town Hall 1225 Trafalgar Rd to urge council to proceed with the designation. Staff did not recommend designation so may be presenting an opposing view at council. It is important that we have as many letters of support, and attendees as possible. There is also a need for further research on these 3 buildings. We need land registry records from Milton and we need someone to go through the assessment records to narrow down the building dates of them homes. Please let me know if you can do any of the above! If you are able to speak at the meeting please let me know that as well so we can coordinate speakers & ensure you are on the speaking list at Town hall for the evening.

Some important figures to take note of…..
  • There are 198 buildings designated as Heritage Buildings south of the QEW; there are 16 designated above the QEW (of those 16, five are churches or cemeteries)
  • In 1962 at the time of amalgamation there were approximately 425 homes between Upper Middle Road and Lower Baseline with the vast majority being farm homes.
  • In 2007 there are about 75 homes between Upper Middle and Lower Baseline Road with heritage interest (10 below Dundas)