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Jane Watt
My earliest ancestors, the Ludlow and Cruise family, came to Trafalgar Township circa 1825 and settled in the tiny hamlet of Glenorchy. The log cabin that the Ludlows lived in is still standing (in 2006) at the west end of Burnhamthorpe Road. I have been doing genealogy for 26 years and answer the queries for the Halton Peel Branch of The Ontario Genealogical Society. I'm glad there is now a historical society to preserve the history of Trafalgar Township.
Gord Kaitting 1. John Kaitting born 1780 Utica, New York died 1870 in Trafalgar. Married Elizabeth Biggar Dec 25 1806 in Saltfleet, Wentworth Canada daughter of John Biggar and Jemima Pittit.

2. One of the first Settlers in 1806 and 1807, settled on lot 18, buried at Munn's United, Ethnicity/Religion Wesleyan Methodist, Died May 6, 1880 in Trafalgar.

3. Elizabeth Biggar buried Munn's United Trafalgar, Ethnicity/Religion Wesleyan Methodist. Cause of death Apoplexy, living with John Kaitting at the time of death.

4. William Kaitting born 1809 in Trafalgar died May 28 1894 in Trafalgar married Ellen Davidson 1829 in Trafalgar. Special note on William Kaitting's death certificate notes "said to have been the first white child born in the settlement" Religion Methodist, Cause of death Paralysis about a week. Was involved in the rebellion of 1837 on the Loyalist side.

5. Major John Kaitting ninety-two years old of Oakville, widely esteemed in Halton, a veteran of the Fenlan Raid and son of the first white persons born in Trafalgar Township, also Adjutant Captain of the Halton Battalion Rifles of Volunteer Militia. Died in Brampton on October 12 of pneumonia after only three days illness.
Sybil Rampen Sybil was born in the farmhouse on the 7th Line (Trafalgar Road), south of the Back Concession (Burnhamthorpe) where she continues to live. The house was built by the Bowbeer family in 1827 and 1853. Her father came to the area after WW1 to farm.
David Hook
Dave has been researching his family tree and has recently found ties to one of Trafalgar's pioneers, Joshua Leach. He's interested in the history of Trafalgar Township because Joshua Leach and sons were builders and carpenters and built many of the homes and buildings in Trafalgar. He would like to find out more about the history of Trafalgar and is interested in preserving it.
Surname interests include: LEACH, DELAHAYE (and variations such as DELEHAYE, DELAHAIE, LAHAYE, etc)
Mazelle Malcolm Nohr
I am doing research on the Robert Frazer Wallace Robinson b. 1805, Armagh, Ireland and died 1880, Bronte, and Annabella Anderson b. 1807, Armagh, Ireland and died 1893, Bronte. These are my 2nd great grandparents. I come through their daughter, Aneliza, who married George Malcolm of Scotland, Ontario.

They had a daughter, Mary, born 1826 in Delgany, Wicklow, Ireland and died 1885 in Bronte. She married John Riggs (1820 1901), son of John Riggs (1780 1854) and Eliza (1783 1865) on 20 May 1850.

They had, I believe, 15 children:
  • John b. Jan 1851
  • James Alexander b. 12 Dec 1852
  • Joseph Wilson b. 15 Mar 1853
  • Robert James b. 31 Aug 1854
  • John Thomas b. 5 Mar 1855
  • James Robert Frazer b. 1 Feb 1856 married Hattie Hewson 30 Sep 1879
  • Abana Hamilton b. 18 Feb 1858 married Minnie Martha Nichols 14 Dec 1885
  • Emma Annabella b. 11 Jan 1860
  • Joseph b. 5 Mar 1863
  • Robert Stevenson b. 1865
  • Arthur Warren b. 23 Nov 1865
  • Lillian Florence b. 3 Feb 1868
  • Ada b. 5 Apr 1869
  • Jenney Louisa b. 15 Apr 1870
  • Ella Maude b. 10 Nov 1875 (also known as Maude Eburne Hollywood actress from 1930 and died 1960)
  • Janice Sly
    SNIDER family

    My ancestors were living in Trafalgar Twp in the 1800's. They were Jacob Snider (b. 1782 USA Maryland or Pa - d. 1855 Michigan.) and his wife Mary Savilla (1788-1847). She was (unverified) the daughter of Michael Snider and Catherine Russel Snider, also of Trafalgar Twp. and is buried in Paris Plains (Maus) Cemetery, Brant Co. Their children were Peter Henry (b 1824 Trafalgar Twp -d 1908 Mi ); John Jacob (b 1827 Trafalgar Twp-d 1901 Mi); Elizabeth (Mrs. Joseph Picard, b1822); Margaret (Mrs. Jared Sprague #1, b 1828); & Savilla ( b1833). There may have been another daughter Susannah.

    In the 1851 Census of Canada Jacob was a widower almost 70 yr. old and lived with married daughter Margaret Sprague (Dumfries Twp, Brant Co). He moved with them and the other children to Michigan in 1852. All of Jacob and Savilla's children were married by then except for the youngest daughter, also named Savilla.

    Jacob's son Peter Henry married Eliza Grigg 1848 in Blenheim Twp, Oxford Co. They had 11 children, some born in Trafalgar, Dumfries & Blenheim Twps and some in Michigan. After Jacob's death in 1855 in Michigan, Peter & Eliza and their family returned to Canada for almost 20 years, until about 1874. They lived in Trafalgar Twp in 2nd Division. They had only 2 sons: Sanford (born 1851 Blenheim Twp) and Charles Henry (born 1865 Trafalgar Twp). One daughter Ida (born 1868 Trafalgar Twp) married David W. Albertson, son of Henry and Liddie Snyder Albertson also of Trafalgar Twp, in 1893 (his second marriage).

    Tracing all ancestors or families that marry into the Snider family (wither Mary Savilla's or Jacob's.

    Janice Sly, Jasper, GA USA
    Patricia Hart
    Searching for descendants of Trafalgar Township residents GEORGE MUNN b.1812 and MARY CLARK 1814- 1887

    MARTHA MUNN 1846-1879 married WILLIAM NELSON ALBERTSON 1836-1874 and possibly remarried after her husbands death.
    JOSEPH MUNN 1843-1917 married ANNIE ELIZABETH SPECK 1851-1893 and possibly remarried.

    a daughter of Joseph Clark and Hannah Nicholson who emigrated to Trafalgar in 1830 had a daughter Frances E? (Elizabeth?) she was on the 1852 census as a 22 year old, single.and born in the US, all other children were born in Keyingham Yorkshire. I cannot find any trace of her after that date.

    Any information/speculation/educated guess on the Clark / Munn families most welcome.

    Patricia Hart