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"Documenting, celebrating and preserving the agricultural heritage of North Oakville"

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About the Trafalgar Township Historical Society
The Trafalgar Township Historical Society was established in January 2006 founded on the work of the Trafalgar 200 Committee, a group of citizens who spent a year to plan activities in celebration of the 200th Anniversary of Trafalgar Township in an effort to increase awareness and foster a desire to preserve the history of the Township.

While the history of the lakeside Oakville community is well commemorated through Oakville's Museum Erchless Estate, the Thomas House and Bronte's Sovereign House, the history of the older, agricultural communities of North Oakville is not so well acknowledged.

With urban development about to take place on the formerly agricultural land north of Hwy. 5 (Dundas), we believe now is an important time to capture and celebrate the history of our community and share it with new arrivals so the past will not be forgotten.

As we move forward, the Trafalgar Township Historical Society intends to establish a museum and an archive to preserve the Township's history

Who We Are
Members of the committee include: area residents, historians, genealogists, librarians, members of historical societies, museum staff, writers, long-time Trafalgar Township residents, representatives of local churches and history buffs.

Our Goals
The Historical Society has identified four goals:
  1. Documentation: We would like to give the community a chance to have their historical photos scanned and their oral histories recorded to preserve them for future generations. The first scanning day took place on September 21 2005 and several have been held since. To arrange to have your family's photos scanned, to provide us with a disk of scanned images or to find out when the next scheduled scanning date is, please call Michelle Knoll at 905-257-9080 or check our events section.

  2. Education: we would like to inform Oakville's citizens, many of whom are new to the area, about the rich history of Trafalgar Township.

  3. Celebration: we would like to celebrate our area's rural roots and give the community, especially the children, a tangible way to connect with the past.

  4. Preservation: we would like to engage the public in the need to preserve buildings of historical significance. Our first project will be to preserve the one room schoolhouse on the north side of Dundas, east of Bronte Road.